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Writing of a period two centuriesago, Casanova, in relating his early life as a seminarist trained to thepriesthood, describes the precautions taken to prevent the youths enteringeach other’s beds, and points out the folly of such precautions.245 Asthat master of the human heart remarks, such prohibitions intensify thevery evil they are intended to prevent by invoking in its aid the impulseto disobedience natural to every child of Adam and Eve, and theobservation has often been repeated by teachers since.

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I had little to do with professionals until I went to South Africa, and though I was fond of ladies’ society, and liked by ladies, I looked upon them as something apart, especially married women, and never attempted to take liberties with them; though I used to with shopgirls, etc., in my cramming days, and had often been in love.

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One of these, a day-pupil who hadnever herself been either the object or the agent in one of thesepassions, but had had ample opportunity of making personal observations,writes as follows: The ‘flame’ proceeds exactly like a love-relationship;it often happens that one of the girls shows man-like characteristics,either in physical type or in energy and decision of character; the otherlets herself be loved, acting with all the obstinacyand one might almostsay the shynessof a girl with her lover.